Staircase Railing

Staircase Railing (also known as Glass Staircase)

As Staircase railing exporter, we can claim that they are unavoidable mainly because of the safety reasons more than anything else. There are a number of options available for the staircase railings for both domestic and commercial uses. It should be carefully chosen according to the needs of your house. It should go well with the overall image of your house and it shouldn’t really look anything out of place.

Long term investment:

First thing first, the people should realize that the installation of staircase at home is a long term investment. They should look about the benefits of certain type of staircase in the long run. A good looking staircase railing which asks for consistent maintenance every now and then is probably not worth a deal. People should go for something which is durable, reliable with very low maintenance cost. The quality of the staircase handrail shouldn’t be compromised over style and design at any cost as it can cost you a fortune in the long run.

Stainless steel staircase railing:

We are one of the best staircase railing manufacturers in the market. The stainless steel staircase railing is probably the best solution for your staircase. It is non slippery and gives firm support to elderly people who are taking the stairs. The stainless material is such that it doesn’t easily get contaminated with rust or corrosion. One major issue with the stainless steel staircase is that it can be really expensive. If you have a large staircase and you are on a budget, then stainless steel might not be the option for you. Further maneuvering and installing the stainless staircase is also another big issue.

Wooden staircase railing:

As per the staircase railing suppliers, the wooden staircase can be the cheapest option but it is really outdated. They are very less preferred also because they don’t have a long life and require extensive maintenance as well. They are not much suitable for outdoor installation as rain and snow can really make the material totally useless. Paint is required to be done regularly.

Aluminium staircase railing:

The aluminium staircase is known to be the best compromise over wood and the stainless steel staircase. They are extremely reliable, durable, good in quality, reasonably light in weight and extremely less vulnerable to any wear and tear of the material. It is available in a variety of colours, designs and styles. The installation of the aluminium staircase railing is very easy and can be done easily by even any non professional person. Above all, the cost of the aluminium staircase is considerably low.

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Features & Benefits of Staircase Railing

Low Maintenance
Reliability and Long Service
Energy Efficiency
Compact Fittings Discreetly Housed Within Handrail
Cool or Warm White Variants
RGB Colours Available
Special Effects, Colours and Dynamic Accentuation


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