Stainless Steel Slot Pipe Inline Joiner

Stainless Steel Slot pipe Inline Joiner

The Stainless Steel Slot pipe Inline Joiner can be used as the coupler between tubes, or tube. The main materials we used are the 304 type steel and 316 type steel. The surface will be treated with satin finish or mirror polishing technique. Thus the antirust and anticorrosion performance of the surface will be greatly enhanced.

Our railing connecting component can be used for round tube (diameter: 38.1mm, 42.4mm, and 50.8mm), square tube (40×40mm and 50×50mm), rectangular tube (50×10mm, 70×10mm).  The angle could also be adjustable by the adjustment of screw. In addition, the stainless steel coupler is also suitable for slotted tubes. The Stainless Steel Slot pipe Inline Joiner could come with 2 heads, 3 heads or 4 heads, meeting the needs of different applications.

If the product quantity has reached a certain level, we can provide custom products according to your requirements.