Stainless Steel Slot Pipe 90° Joiner

Stainless Steel Slot Pipe 90° Joiner

The Stainless Steel Slot Pipe 90° Joiner can be used as the coupler between tubes, or tube. We provide a variety of this product, such as 90 Degree flush joiner, stainless steel flush joiner 4-way tee, stainless steel 90 degree radiused flush joiner, stainless steel rotatable flush joiner , stainless steel 4 way cross flush joiner, etc.

Used as stainless steel stair rail parts, our handrail flush joiner has fashionable design and small volume, and is convenient to install. There are multiple sizes for you to choose, 33.7*2.0 mm, 43*2.0 mm, 48.3*2.0 mm, 60.3*2.0 mm, 16*1.0 mm, 42.4*2.6 mm and 48.3*2.6 mm.





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