Stainless Steel Handrail

Stainless Steel Handrail

As we are stainless steel railing manufacturer, wecome up with the best choice for domestic and commercial stairs which requires an aesthetically pleasing look. The stainless materials also give us a durable and sanitary option as compared to any other material. The stainless steel railing can be an expensive option as compared to the normal steel railings. The non slip Stainless steel railing is the best choice when it comes to the safety of kids and elderly people both at domestic and commercial location. The non slip feature of handrail would further add to the cost of railing.

Advantages and uses of Stainless steel railing:

We as Stainless steel railing supplier facilitate our customers with several uses and advantages associated with the stainless steel railing. Following are the top advantages and uses of the Stainless steel railing:

  • The Stainless steel railings are ideal if you have disabled or elderly people around your house and they are equally usable at commercial locations as well for the same reason. It can take the pressure off their joints, provide extreme slip protection  as well.
  • As we are the Stainless steel railing exporter, we make sure that they are extremely durable. They will never break easily no matter how much weight or pressure you exert on them. Even the heavy banging of hard furniture or any other thing would even return a scratch on its surface due to its durable stainless steel nature.
  • The Stainless steel railing is also preferred for homes and commercial places, especially hotels and shopping centers due to their unique style and designs. There is something unique contemporary part about the stainless steel railing which really makes them highly preferred and attractive.
  • They are also preferred at home due to their ease of installation.
  • The material of the railings is such that it is very easy to clean.
  • Probably has the best finishing among all other types of railings.
  • The stainless nature of the railing ensures that the material doesn’t get contaminated easily, especially with rust and other types of stain marks.
  • The stainless steel railings can deploy a lot of accessories and they can also be used in conjunction with glass and wood.

The stainless steel railings are custom made:

The stainless steel railings are bound to be custom-made. As we know that most of the stairs or places where such railing is installed have different dynamics. There can be stairs which have a curve in their structure and varying lengths as well. In order to cater for such needs, the stainless steel railing suppliers produce custom made railings.

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Features & Benefits of Stainless Steel Handrail

Low Maintenance
Reliability and Long Service
Energy Efficiency
Compact Fittings Discreetly Housed Within Handrail
Cool or Warm White Variants
RGB Colours Available
Special Effects, Colours and Dynamic Accentuation


Feature Staircases
Atriums and Walkways
Internal Entrance Lobbies, Access Ramps and Steps
External Entrance Ramps and Steps
Public Realm
Train & Bus Stations