Spigot Railing

Spigot Railing

As we are the spigot railing exporters, we provide the best solution possible for most of the outdoor railings. It is extensively used indoors as well but still they are heavily preferred for several outdoor uses. They are used around swimming pools, around gardens and sometimes around several playing areas such as tennis court and ice hockey, etc. They normally come equipped with glass frames as that is the only quality material used for the spigot railing.

Uses of Spigot railing:

As  spigot railing manufacturer, we can explain a number of its uses. It is used around swimming pools to keep the pool area clean from all sides and also to give protection to the people who are not around there for swimming. We see a lot of swimming pools in many hotels and commercial places where a lot of people gather for a party. It can be extremely dangerous, especially for the kids if it is not properly covered and protected. We see the installation of spigot railings around many sporting fields such as ice hockey, tennis court and some badminton courts as well. If a partition is desirable at any commercial place, then spigot is the best option as they don’t take much place. We normally see the spigot railings installed at various shopping centers, especially where the customers queue for the payments at the till. They also have their huge application indoors.  As we are spigot railing supplier,  we provide the spigot railing for  indoor purposes as well, especially on the staircase due to its stylish looks and a see-through staircase.

Benefits of Spigot Railing:

There are a large number of benefits associated with the spigot railing, but we have filtered out some of the top advantages which are as follows:

  • Having the glass framed spigot doesn’t obstruct your view if it is installed around a swimming pool, garden or any sporting area.
  • The spigot railing is fairly easy to install.
  • They look extremely stylish, classy and also add to the beauty of the place.
  • Using the frameless glass with spigots increases the visibility of the railing outdoors which can be extremely dangerous otherwise and it can cause some serious injuries if the person accidentally hits against it.
  • There are spigot railings which are completely fixed to the base or the ground. On the other side, there are many portable spigot railings as well, which can be moved around a place as and when needed. The moving of glass spigot railing is not easy and it requires at least 2 people to move it conveniently.

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Features & Benefits of Spigot Railing

Low Maintenance
Reliability and Long Service
Energy Efficiency
Compact Fittings Discreetly Housed Within Handrail
Cool or Warm White Variants
RGB Colours Available
Special Effects, Colours and Dynamic Accentuation


Feature Staircases
Atriums and Walkways
Internal Entrance Lobbies, Access Ramps and Steps
External Entrance Ramps and Steps
Public Realm
Train & Bus Stations