LED Railing

LED Railing

The LED railing is a powered illuminated rail, which has a number of domestic and commercial uses. Depending on your needs, our experts can advise you as what kind of LED railing would suit your needs. As an LED railing supplier, we can give you all sorts of options with cost effective solutions. The LED railing manufacturer uses waterproof LEDs which makes this solution very reliable and suitable for outdoor uses. The LEDs railing supplier installs the LEDs very artistically inside the rail in such a way that they give continuous light throughout the run instead of having ugly broken sections.

Benefits of LED railing:

There are several benefits associated with the LED railing which are as follows:

  • The main benefit of the LED railing is that it gives support to the elderly people especially who couldn’t use the stairs without any support.
  • Use of the LEDs provides with the source of light which is extremely useful during the night time.
  • The LEDs are known to consume very little electricity as compared to the other lighting sources. It has been tested and proved that several LEDS give a more cost effective solution as compared to a single bulb of 100 Watts.
  • The LEDs adds to the beauty of the house and the same thing goes if the LED railing is used in commercial areas. The long rails fitted with LEDs would definitely be a sight to watch at the night time.
  • If installed on the boundary wall of your house,  you can have a good manual surveillance check of your house. Unauthorized access would be extremely difficult as people from inside and outside the house can easily see the boundary wall so the house is very well protected.

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Types and styles of LED railing:

As the leading LED railing exporter and supplier, we provide with a range of different designs and types of LED rails. Following are some of the main types of LED railing:

  • LED Hand railing
  • LED Top railing
  • LED Free standing railing
  • LED Guard railing

Following are some of the designs available in LED rails:

  • TEE
  • CUBE
  • SOLO
  • VIEW

Uses of LED railing:

The LED railings as we know are normally installed on the stairs, on the driveways and sometimes in the gardens as well. Commercially, we can see them installed in different parks, hotels and public offices as well. It can be a costly option as compared to the standard simple rails but the LED rails can give you huge benefits and style too.