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Glass Railing

The wood, metal and other similar material railings have become absolutely obsolete today. They have been taken over by the glass railing. We are the most well known glass railing exporter working in India. We have reached out for far and wide masses in India who are looking to make their house more stylish, attractive and protected with the beautiful glass railing. Glass railing as we can imagine can be a bit costly with associated risks as well. The material of the glass used is not so delicate that it can easily break with minor strike over its surface. Only some heavy and serious strike could crack it or damage into pieces.

Advantages of Glass railing:

Following are some of the main advantages of having glass railing installed either at your home or any other commercial location:

  • The glass railing manufacturers have made it absolutely maintenance free. There is hardly anything that you need to do after the installation of glass railings. All that you need to do is to keep the glass clean in order to make it look more beautiful.
  • People in commercial places use the glass railing very carefully as they fear that it can break easily. On the other side, if some other materials used for the railing, you will always find children climbing and playing on the railing which can be extremely dangerous.
  • We as the glass railing supplier ensured that the glass railing gives a good welcoming ambience to the people. Usually at shopping centers, the shops with glass railing draw more customers than any other store mainly because the installation of glass railing in stores makes them look less crowded and the customers also don’t feel cramped at all.
  • The glass railings are also known to add glitter at the place and make it look more attractive and beautiful. The effect of the glass railing can be further enhanced by coupling it with reflective bright lights. This classy idea is best utilized if you see the gold shops in Dubai. They just look fabulous under this technique. This also results in increased productivity for the shop owners as shoppers automatically get attracted towards such bright shops using the glass railings.

The Glass railings are custom-made:

The glass railing manufacturer can make only the customized  glass railing. It is because all of the places have different requirements according to the size and the manufacturercouldn’t just cut the glass in advance without knowing the exact size and the dynamics of the location. The whole area or the place should be taken into consideration and not only the specific section. Also remember that lighting can also play a pivotal role.

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Features & Benefits of Glass railing

Low Maintenance
Reliability and Long Service
Energy Efficiency
Compact Fittings Discreetly Housed Within Handrail
Cool or Warm White Variants
RGB Colours Available
Special Effects, Colours and Dynamic Accentuation


Feature Staircases
Atriums and Walkways
Internal Entrance Lobbies, Access Ramps and Steps
External Entrance Ramps and Steps
Public Realm
Train & Bus Stations